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Forgotten Password?

The following instructions apply to workXid members only! 

Video help file is attached below.

Please note that workXid cannot recover your password. 

Hello workXid member,

Are you having difficulty with your sign-on to the workXid system?

The workXid system has a security feature to ensure against password hacking bots.

If you attempt to sign-on incorrectly more than 5 times in less than 5 minutes that IP address will locked out of the system!

You will be presented with the following warning message. 

This will lock out all individuals that are attempting to sign-on from the same IP.  

All individuals will have to wait for 15 minutes to retry any sign-on.  

However, you can self reset your password in 5 steps.

You simply go to the Sign On screen.  

Phishing check! Always ensure the the sign on URL and site certificate (Lock symbol) reflects or  

1. Select  "Pick your work zone" and select your work zone (i.e. Canada)

2. Select "Forgot password"

3. You will be asked to enter your Email address that is associated with your workXid account. 

4. A FORGOTTEN PASSWORD email will be sent instructing you how to reset your password.

Remember to check your spam/junk folder if you don't receive the email in your inbox.

Please remember to add to your "never block sender" list.

Warning:  Are you receiving multiple "Forgotten Password" emails? Someone may be attempting to access your account! You may want to report this by providing details to XIDCORP SECURITY

5. Click on the "RESET PASSWORD" and follow the dialogue to change your password.

Remember a password reset will also impact access to the workXid app (Android or iOS).

You will have to Sign off and then Sign On with your new password. 

Instructional Video