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Intended Audience - Course Training Instructors

Welcome to the workXid Certificate Issuance application! This video provides an overview of how to use the app to issue certificates to your students. With this instructor-friendly app, certificate issuing has never been easier. Let's begin! 

Instructional Video 

The instructor is responsible for updating the workXid cardholder profile with the relevant course information and verifying that the trainee has met the learning objectives. Upon completing the course, the instructor must issue a validated training certificate to the trainee and record it in the workXid system.

The "Certificate Issue" app simplifies this process for any workXid participating organization. The app allows an organization training instructor to scan an active workXid card to authenticate the attending trainee and issue a validated course certificate.

Here are the steps:

1. Login the the "workXid Certificate Issue" app on any device with a supported camera  (PC laptop, Cellphone or tablet).  

2. Ensure all attending trainees have acquired a workXid card. If cards are required, play the "How to join workXid & obtain member card" instructional video.

3. Have the attendees complete workXid registration to acquire their card.

4. Proceed to deliver the course to attending trainees.

5. Prepare to scan the attending trainee cards after completing the course material.

6. Scan only workXid cardholders you are validating to have completed the course.

7. Review the trainee list to ensure the individuals listed have met the requirements for a validated training certificate.

8. Upon review of the trainee list, proceed to the next step to select the correct course certificate to be issued.

9. Select Submit to issue and validate the certificates. Click "Ok", and the workXid system will update the scanned members' profiles. You can always check "Session History" to see the status of the backend update process. 

Session History lists the course date, time, course title, trainer/instructor, and the number of trainees who were issued validated certificates.

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