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What are Industry Compulsory Certificates?

Within the workXid work zone each participating industry are responsible to establish a minimum set of compulsory certificates.

Individuals within that industry must acquire those certificates to maintain industry compliance. All organization administrators will be responsible for matching the minimum set of industry compulsory certificates for each member. 

Each industry requires that the individual member has certificates that align with the compulsory certificates. Those certificates must be validated and not have a pending or expired certificate status.

Compulsory Certificate NameShort Name
CONSTRUCTION 1Health and Safety AwarenessHSA
2Workplace Hazardous Materials Information SystemWHMIS
2Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) AwarenessH2S
3Transport of Dangerous GoodsTDG
4Workplace Hazardous Materials Information SystemWHMIS
INFO TECHNOLOGY1Workplace Hazardous Materials Information SystemWHMIS
OHS CSLTG SVCS 1Workplace Hazardous Materials Information SystemWHMIS

 If an employee is non-compliant, they will be highlighted on scan of their workXid member card.


Please open a request for further information if your Industry is not correctly represented.


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