workXid Application - compatibility testing Apple iOS 13

Warning: In an email, the DOD is 'strongly encouraging' its employees and contractors to wait for iOS 13.1.

If you’d rather avoid or postpone the iOS 13 update. All you have to do is turn off Automatic Updates.

                Go to Settings > General > Software Update

                If the Automatic Updates setting is on (which it probably is), tap on it

                Move the toggle to the left (so that it’s no longer green)

XIDCORP are currently compatibility testing the new release of iOS 13.  We are attempting to identify any impacts on the current version of the workXid mobile application.

Current Findings

Initial workXid testing has revealed that the current app is not compatible with the iOS 13 dark mode feature.  Seems that many other apps have been impacted. See Dark Mode Issues! 

Interim workXid Solution: disable iOS 13 dark mode when using the current version workXid. 

Updated findings will be presented under this news item.

XIDCORP will release a compatible workXid iOS 13 version in the near future. Stay Tuned! 

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